One Year Anniversary….

I feel neglectful to this blog of mine taking a week off, but I was distracted by my recent one year wedding anniversary. As my year of being a “newlywed” comes to a close I have been reflecting on it. I feel extremely lucky to have found a best friend, and husband, to share my life with. I am thankful for the memories that we have already made, and looking forward to those yet to come.

We managed to get away for a mini-trip to celebrate this anniversary! We ventured to Traverse City, MI where the scenery continues to take my breath away each time I visit. We spent the weekend walking around the downtown shops, which showcase an eclectic mix of cookware stores, unique clothing boutiques, and novelty items. Of course, you can’t walk away from downtown Traverse City without buying something cherry (it is their claim to fame afterall). We also ate some really great food….actually a lot of it. One of my favorite reasons for visiting Traverse City is for their amazing restaurants. Here is a quick list of my top choices (in case you find yourself there soon):

– Red Ginger: Besides a cute name, this restaurant boasts some of the best sushi I have ever had, great drink specials, and a variety of creative Asian dishes. It is a perfect date-night spot because it is intimate and overlooks the water. A MUST visit!

– Poppycocks: Another amusing name, but it has so much more to offer! The menu focuses on local foods and pairs ingredients in a very unique and fun way. It is the first restaurant in awhile where I have seen quinoa on the menu not once, but TWICE! Most of the produce is sourced from local farmers. Another great perk to this restaurant is the live music that is offered on Friday and Saturday nights.

– Pangea Pizza: This restaurant has a sign outside the boasts “the best pizza in the world” and I am not arguing with it. Local food seems to be a trend because they feature a “Farmers Market Pizza”, which includes whatever local veggies were picked that week. They also have a great outdoor patio and friendly waitstaff. Our hotel didn’t have a refrigerator (gasp!) and the waitress kept our pizza until close in their fridge so we didn’t have to forgo our leftovers (thank you!!).

Looking forward to many more anniversaries to come!

Happy 1st Anniversary!


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