Ginger Cookies

Welcome to day two of my Seven Days of Holiday Treats series! This post is devoted to sharing the best, most over-the-top, ginger cookie recipe to date. This is the cookie you make when you are craving something with warm holiday spices to comfort yourself on a cold day with a hot cup of coffee…am I rambling? Sorry. They are just that amazing; I may get carried away when I reminisce about trying the first (three) of these soft, chewy cookies. And we have Ina Garten to thank for this amazing recipe; holiday cheers to you!

As I have mentioned previously I am a HUGE fan of ginger. That may be why this is the ultimate ginger cookie; not only does it have dried ginger powder (among other spices), but it also has crystallized ginger pieces floating through the dough. What is crystallized ginger? It is partially dehydrated (think: raisin) and covered in sugar crystals, YUM! They create chewy, slightly spicy, bursts of goodness in this dough. It would not be the same without the addition, so please don’t be intimidated, and go out on a limb with this ingredient if its new for you.

The website for the full recipe comes from Food Network:

I would not change a single thing about the ingredients in the recipe.


Once you pull the dough together use a cookie scoop, or small ice cream scoop, to make sure each of the cookies are even. Roll the balls of dough in sugar and place on a baking sheet.


Flatten the dough a little bit with your fingers, they will spread out slightly while they bake. And Ina was right: “Bake for exactly 13 minutes”.


I couldn’t resist trying one as soon as they came out of the oven because my house smelled fabulous. I highly recommend trying them just a couple minutes after you remove them from the oven while they are still warm. I promise these will be one of your new favorite holiday cookies. They store well in an air-tight container…if they make it that long. Happy holiday and enjoy!


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