Cinnamon Birthday Donuts

Happy birthday to my amazing husband! The reasons I love him are endless…he keeps me grounded, provides unwavering support, makes me laugh, and above all is my best friend (to name a few). I thank my lucky stars everyday that I get to share my life with such a generous and loving man. As we continue to build our lives together I hope for many more memories and many more birthdays!

As always, our celebrations revolve around food. We shared an amazing lunch at a local restaurant, and made a quiet dinner at home. But that is all boring compared to the star of a birthday celebration….THE CAKE! I must preface by saying that I am fully capable of making a birthday cake from scratch, and usually do. So it was a surprise to me when he requested donuts for his birthday dessert instead; I was up for the challenge. After scouring the home stores around us (why do they not consider summer donut season?) we finally found a baked donut pan at Bed Bath and Beyond.

What made him request donuts for his birthday you might ask? My addiction to cooking shows. Recently Ina made cinnamon baked donuts on her cooking show and, as you may guess, this made a lasting impression on us. Being that I don’t believe in deep frying at home (for the sake of health and safety, of course) I loved that these took a few minutes in the oven and contained endless possibilities of toppings and flavors. Here is a link to the original Food Network recipe:

And here is a link to the donut pan we purchased (for $8.00 with a coupon):


The recipe claimed the batter made 12 donuts…but Ina’s pan must have held more dough than mine. I got about 24 donuts from the recipe instead. To imitate “icing” (in keeping with the birthday cake theme) we used melted chocolate drizzled on top of the cooked donuts.


I think this culinary experiment was a huge success and they were so easy! The donut came out of the oven lightly golden brown. The texture is light and spongey…very similar to cake donuts which is nostalgic of old fashioned bakeries. The batter contains cinnamon and nutmeg which you can really pick up in the flavor; next time I plan to add a pinch of ground cardamom; chocolate and cardamom is a marriage made in heaven!


Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Until next time….enjoy!


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