Top 5 Fall Soups

Isn’t it ironic that the day I set aside to sleep in I inevitably woke up at 6:27 am WIDE awake? Most people would be able to give themselves a pep talk; something like “just go back to sleep” or “it really is warm inside the comforter, why would you want to get up?” I, on the other hand, let my mind wander to various places such as my Thanksgiving menu (I really should make my grocery list and finalize who is bringing what), and how I want to savor the fall season because it is gone too quickly for my liking.

Which then brings me to thinking about soup. All the different types of soup that I make and love. So, in my wide awake food obsessed mind at now 6:51 am, I decided to share my top 5 favorite soups from this blog and why I love them so much.

Let’s begin…

1) Lentil Soup: It reminds me of my maternal grandmother (who we call YaYa, it means “grandma” in Greek) and is on the top of my list of comfort foods in both the taste and smell category. This is also the soup that encouraged someone (me) who avoided vinegar at all costs to instead embrace it. Every single time I make it I am reminded of my YaYa. This is what I am making for dinner today!

2) Carrot Ginger Soup: I was obsessed with ginger before all the nutritional hype. Yes, ginger is good for your body, but most importantly it is delicious and pairs perfectly with carrots. This soup can be made in about 30 minutes if you cut the carrots small, which is perfect for a work night. Once blended, the ginger melts into the velvety soup and gives just the right amount of spicy kick. I crave it when the first signs of a cold appear, but would eat it pretty much everyday.

3) Butternut Squash SoupIs there anything more iconic than butternut squash soup in the fall? It reminds me of fall in a bowl, and I start looking forward to finding a butternut squash at the farmers market in the middle of August. I do realize that peeling these guys can be a pain, sometimes I am practically sweating by the time I am done, but it will be worth it once you taste the soup. It is still prime time for butternut squash, and would make a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table!

4) Farro Vegetable Soup: This is a hearty soup of my own invention. Farro is a terrifically nutritious grain that is paired with fresh vegetables to make a one pot meal. This soup recipe makes a TON so my husband and I end up taking it for leftovers; it tastes even more delicious on day 2 or 3. If you are intimidated by farro, or maybe want to try it but are just waiting for an excuse, this recipe is shared for you! This soup definitely gives you a food hug.

5) Black Bean Soup: I realize I recently shared this soup, but it also made the cut of the top 5 favorite soups. It is a satisfying blend of beans and vegetables, and is a perfect make-ahead soup. I love the smoky flavor from the canned tomatoes. I have tried some black bean soup recipes where some, or all, of the beans are mashed; I prefer to keep the integrity of their shape because the texture is great. You know you have a couple cans of black beans in the back of your pantry; let’s put them to use!

Who doesn’t love a warm, steamy bowl of soup? If you are in a pinch for time, many of these soups can be made ahead and either re-heated when you need them, or frozen for a crazy busy workday. What soups do you like to make for your loved ones?


Comments are always welcome!

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