Thanksgiving 2013

Blogging has definitely taken a back seat the past week or so. And what a busy week it has been! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; an abundance of food, great company, and the kick-start to the holiday season. I have been trying to make a conscious effort to stop and give thanks for the people and events that are shaping my life and marriage. Giving thanks shouldn’t just happen one day a year or during the month of November; there are plenty of things to be thankful for every single day.

I spent most of Wednesday in my pajamas prepping for the “big day” Thursday. Even though I made many, many dishes I somehow managed to only take pictures of the sweets…is my subconscious trying to tell me something?


This is the beginning of my cranberry sauce. It is by far my favorite Thanksgiving side!


Pecan pie is a classic holiday dessert…and my mom’s favorite!


Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies…does it get anymore fall than this?!


…And my attempt at decorative creativity. For future reference: I am not an artist. By a long shot. I am secretly jealous of people that can draw and have really good handwriting.


Thanksgiving was the first of many holidays that I hope to host in our home. The tables were very simple– candles, of course, and fresh flowers. A little secret: I am STILL trying to use the extra candles that we purchased for wedding table decorations two years ago. The bouquet was a mixture of Alstroemeria and seeded eucalyptus; so simple and festive! I was inspired by Pinterest to create the candle centerpiece using a glass hurricane, fresh cranberries, and a white pillar candle. The whole thing was set inside a small fresh boxwood wreath I picked up at the Farmer’s Market…take that creativity!


After a wonderful Thanksgiving day (and all the clean up that comes with it) I was ready to focus my attentions on Christmas decorating. My husband and I headed to a U-Cut Christmas tree farm down the street from our neighborhood. Forget the hardware store or the nursery…this was way more fun! We hunted in the fields (using the provided map as a guide) for the perfect tree with our wagon and saw in tow. In my mind our living room is so big…turns out I am incredibly  inaccurate when it comes to visual measurements; in that scenario we would have purchased something slightly larger than the tree above.


Instead, this is the beauty that we chose to invite home with us. It measures approximately 8 feet tall and smells exactly like Christmas. It makes me happy.


I attempted to contribute to the harvesting of this beautiful tree, but after an embarrassingly large amount of struggling, I left the dirty work to the husband. Thanks sweetie!


We loaded her on top of our Ford Focus (almost everyone else at the tree farm had a truck or an SUV) excited to decorate. When the tree farm professional was asked if a Focus was an acceptable form of transportation for an 8 foot tree he responded, “It works…most of the time.” My confidence was shaky at this point…but luckily made it home in one piece! Since I fell in love with a giant tree I am still in the process of finding and adding more ornaments…I will post the final product soon!

We are finding ourselves toward the end of the post-Thanksgiving turkey transformations (turkey sandwiches, turkey noodle soup, turkey and wild rice casserole, BBQ turkey pizza) so keep your eye out for some new recipe posts soon! Hope you had a fantastic long weekend with your loved ones!



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