Easy Mixed Berry Smoothie

Working toward a healthier body and diet is on a lot of people’s minds right now. Although I don’t necessarily proclaim any “resolutions” for myself, I am definitely conscious of the shortcomings in my diet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vegetables (more than any other food group) and gravitate toward them over fruit. Eating more fruit is the area of my diet that I have made a priority to improve.

Truth be told, it doesn’t really feel like work when drinking this delicious, creamy, velvety smoothie. Smoothies are an extremely easy way to include fruit, vegetables, nuts, and milk/milk substitute products into your diet in one small, extremely appealing package. There is no added sugar in this smoothie and it is made of just 3 ingredients that you probably already have in the house! Great for kids and adults alike…I see many more smoothies in my future.

As always, this “recipe” is just a suggestion. There are about 1,274,398 ways that you can make a smoothie. Because frozen fruit is very economical and easy to store, its easy to make these smoothies on a whim! Pick your favorite fruit combination to wake up your taste buds and healthify (I may have just made that word up) your diet for the new year! I declare 2014 the year of the smoothie…are you with me?

Ingredients (makes 2 regular smoothies or one giant smoothie)

  • 1 banana, peeled
  • ~ 1 c. frozen mixed berry fruit
  • ~ 1 c. soy milk or almond milk


Set up your blender; this one is awesome and was given to me as a wedding present from my Yaya. It unfortunately took me nearly 2 years to open but I love it!


Peel the banana; tear into a few pieces and place in the bottom of the blender.


Top with about 1 c. of whatever frozen fruit you like. Don’t bother measuring at this point, you can eyeball the amount.


Pour in the soy milk or almond milk. Typically I would use almond milk because that is my favorite milk substitute…but Trader Joe’s conveniently changed their packaging and as a result of confusion I bought soy milk this time. Oops! Just a gentle reminder that I’m not perfect, but the result was just as delicious! If  you are not into non-dairy milk you could also use your favorite type of cow’s milk.


Place the top on the blender and puree until completely smooth.


If it seems too thick splash in some more soy milk and blend for another 5 seconds or so until your desired consistency.


Pour into a beautiful glass; straws are optional! It is ironic to me that this glass is meant for stout beer but instead is holding this gorgeous healthy smoothie.


This smoothie may be my favorite color. Using frozen fruit will result in the iconic icy texture that we crave in a smoothie. This is proof that simple recipes can yield satisfying results. Three ingredients of healthy perfection. Blend some up for your family and enjoy!


Comments are always welcome!

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