When creating recipes I have several things in mind:

First, I try to make food colorful, because I eat with my eyes first. Have you ever noticed that you are drawn to foods with bright colors? Or food that catches your eye while a restaurant worker walks by? I have too! 

Next I think about textures and flavors; after all this hard work I want the food to taste good! And not just good…I aim for the “wow, can’t wait to make that again” status. The feeling you get when, a couple days later, you start craving the dish you just had.

Last, I believe food needs to smell good. There are places in our brain where smell and taste mingle; one without the other simply won’t do. This is why our nose perks up when we drive past that BBQ restaurant down the street, or why the smell of freshly baked cookies can take you right back to your childhood.

I invite you to explore my recipes; I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring me!


Comments are always welcome!

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